What do I do for you?

Well that’s simple; everything you want, well, almost everything.

Do you want me to organize your full wedding or only specific parts? Are you in search of
a Master of Ceremonies or do you need help to get started?
Did something go wrong during planning and do you want me to bring order and put you in the right direction?

Anything is possible, I can do everything for you except say “I do” !

To give you an idea:

– I organize the wedding or party of your dreams
– I am there for you and your guests
– I am very creative and always think in solutions
– I make sure that there is always a plan B
– I listen carefully to your visions and dreams and turn them into reality
– I will deliver a list of good and reliable suppliers with no strings attached
– I am the point of contact for all suppliers and all your guests
– I deliver a good script to make sure things run smoothly, and always keep space for spontaneity
– I will keep track of the script. All you have to do is enjoy the love and happiness of this day

Above all you get a well-organized wedding, peace of mind and the Most Beautiful Day of your life!