Master of Ceremonies

‘What they are actually saying is: “We know you such a long time, we love
you so much, so now you can work for us for free!”

– Peter Pannekoek –

It may cost you some sleepless nights, but finally you have it all: the plan for the perfect wedding, the day that reflects who you are, how you feel in life and what really matters.

An important role is the Master of Ceremony. It is far better to relinquish control on your wedding day and just enjoy all the fun and happiness of your magical day.  But who can take over your job? It is a special task an important function and rightly so, so the master of ceremonies must come from the intimate circle of family and friends, right?

Wrong! Do realize that regulating, structuring and coordinating is not everyone’s dream job. In addition, it is the expectation that you will marry only once and therefore there is only one chance to execute it perfectly. Do you already feel the tension building up? The master of ceremonies only has one single chance to meet the expectations that the soon-to-be married couple attach to the wedding celebration …

In fact, the master of ceremonies requires a broad skill set: clear vision and intuition, always at least 5 minutes ahead of schedule and flexible. There is no enjoying the ceremony but checking whether the cake is ready, the surprises have arrived on time and the suppliers adhere to the agreements. Super fun work but not at the wedding of someone you love and whose best moments you just cannot miss.

Liz doesn’t miss a single detail  at a wedding. She only misses the beautiful moments.


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