Six weeks to Rescue hulp bij huwelijk

Planning your wedding – lesson 1
In case of panic:

1. Get yourself together
2. Hire a wedding planner

– unknown –

Imagine this scenario: You are in love, have just got engaged and have sent everyone who is important to you, a save-the-date message right after the proposal. There is still plenty of time before your chosen date and  the actual planning and organization can wait a bit longer.

Until “life” or work  takes over and  demands all your attention and there are only three months left on the calendar before “the big day”. This realization can instantly lead to heart palpitations and sweaty palms!

Something that also happens regularly: the wedding planning itself is done with great enthusiasm by the bridal couple themselves, but the amount of work is slightly underestimated. Only six weeks before the wedding everything still has to be arranged, everyone has lost the overview and stress levels are rising quickly


In a situation like this, there is only one possible answer to the question, “who you gonna call?” And that is Weddingbliz; in no time at all she has mapped out how far you have got with your planning and preparations  and what still needs to be arranged. She takes over contacts with suppliers, manages the administration and makes a detailed itinerary . She is available to you almost 24/7 and on the big day she acts as a master of ceremonies.

Now you can continue with what you should do: enjoy the preparations and look forward to a great day.


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