Suzanne and Adam

September 2016


Getting married in Amsterdam was an obvious choice, and traveling by boat too. Afterwards a nice drink with a large group and finally an intimate dinner with family and real friends. Oh and have that seamlessly streamlined all day long. Of course you are not going to ask your friends to arrange this, for that you hire someone. So, Weddingbliz was hired. To be honest, these types of weddings are also tough for me because moving two large groups of people from location to location separately and not all with the same transportation; that’s a tricky one. Obviously succeeded very well and the bridal couple had the wedding day they always wanted.

Locations: Pullitzer Amsterdam, Sibiz aan de Amstel, Jaimie van Heij
Flowers: Bloem & Vaas Pimpernel
Photographer: Joost Weddepohl
Give Aways: Micha’s en Diana’s
Hair Styling and Make-up: Face and Art
Officiant: Trouwbureau Amsterdam
Music: Fleur de Groot, Pont Neuf
Boat: Rederij ‘t Smidtje
Transportation: Brouwers Tours
Wedding Nanny: La Nou Nou
Live Painter: Live Paint