Roger and Casper

May 2015


We asked Liz to be our planner when we realized all the different aspects that had to be arranged for our wedding were going to be quite a hassle with our work schedules, and it could possibly turn a fabulous event into something stressful and overwhelming.
That was such a smart decision!

From the get go, Liz was always courteous, overseeing the big picture while not overlooking any details. She kept the whole process running smoothly – reminding us patiently but steadily when we were slacking to get things decided, confirming vendors, and of course bring it all together the day of the event.

We could not be happier with the job she did. Liz is super friendly and easy to work with, with a pleasant no-nonsense attitude. She’s well connected and super organized and we were not worried about a single thing the whole day and night.
We highly recommend her!

Roger & Casper

Locaties: Bota Fogo , Hotel de Goudfazant, M-Lab
Fotograaf: Foto Solo
Bloemen: Teunis Veenema
Taart: Micha en Diana’s Patisserie