Madelène and Jacob

November 2012

This wedding couple had planned their wedding to perfection when the unthinkable happened. The groom had an accident and he broke his elbow. What now?
They did not take out an insurance so their wedding had to continue in order not to lose all their invested money. They decide to hire a professional master of ceremonies who could support them.
I took this task upon me as well as I possible could, but unfortunately I could not prevent that the wedding couple had to leave their night early because the groom could no longer stand the pain. He had his surgery the day after.
Super important tip in this story. Make sure you always book a wedding insurance!

Locations: Goudestein, Finley Het Witte Huis
Officiant: Karin van de Ven
Photographer: Sandra Zeilstra
Transportation: Limo Nodig