Liselotte and Tom

May 2018

If England and the Netherlands unite then you get this; Dutch down to earth meets English traditions. Tents become marquees and wedding suits are now morning coats.
This bridal couple wanted to adhere to the traditions but also give their own spin to it and so it happened; The English Reformed Church was the venue where they got married and afterwards the guests were taken by boat to a secret location to enjoy a delicious dinner. After another boat trip they were dropped off at the following venue; a traditional Boathouse where people got to party until midnight; exactly according to English tradition.

Locations: English Reformed Church, Wester Amstel and Amstel Boathouse
Flowers and Styling: Mullers Floral Art
Boats: Rederij ‘t Smidtje
Catering: Sonah Catering
Marquee: Maessen Tenten
Photographer: Van Kaartjes tot Kiekjes
Cake Pops: Micha en Diana’s Pâtisserie
Music: Jazz Centrale en SkyFly
Printing: Le Chic Cards