Gina and Ferry

June 2012

My husband and I live in the United States and we got married in The Netherlands this past June (2012). We started looking for wedding planners back in January since we are located outside the country we had no idea where to start on some of the vendors. My husband sent out an email to several wedding planners explaining that I don’t speak Dutch so if they spoke English it would really help. From the very beginning Liz was outstanding. I had many ideas what I wanted my special day to look like but no idea how to find the specific people to make my dreams come true. The one person I needed was Liz. I sent Liz some pictures of how I would like my cake, or flowers or my venue set up and when my husband and I got to The Netherlands she had set up meetings with all the vendors who said they can do what my pictures showed. Since my husband and I were on limited time when we were in Holland it was great to have Liz set up all of the appointments before we got there so we knew exactly when we were meeting with each one. Even after my husband and I hired some vendors ourselves like the DJ or the horse and carriage, Liz took over the communication with them so we didn’t have to worry about telling them where to be and what time, Liz had that all taken care of for us. I was completely stress free the entire day of the wedding, which I know would not have been possible without her. I didn’t wear a watch or have my phone near me because I knew she would tell me where to be and what time and since she had been in contact with all the vendors I knew there would be no unexpected phone calls and I didn’t have anything to worry about. She was such a huge help the day of the wedding, while paying attention to all the details I had created for the ceremony and reception, while always with a smile on her face. My dad claims, that whatever we paid Liz wasn’t enough with all her hard work, and our best man continuously said “It was the best wedding EVER” all day and it was all due to Liz’s help.
Thanks for everything.

Gina & Ferry

Location: Kasteel Keukenhof
Catering: Puur Produkties
Officiant: Ik Trouw Jou
Flowers: Stijlvol Groen
Photographer: David Currie
Cake: Micha’s
Carriage: Stalhouderij Haanemaaijer