Great Gatsby wedding

Wedding Planning

Styling, preparation, catering, suppliers, logistics and whatever you can think off: the wedding planner takes care of it all. I am a dedicated, experienced, energetic wedding planner that helps couples from beginning to end with organizing and thus relieves them of all stress involved in the complexities of the wedding day. Read more…

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Master of Ceremony

Arranging and planning the wedding day yourselves but wanting to make sure that everything runs smoothly? Hire a professional Master of Ceremonies. I guarantee that you and your guests can enjoy a carefree and romantic wedding day. Read more…

Marriage Proposal

Marriage Proposal

That moment you ask “the question” is one of the most important moments of your life. So proposing should be exceptional and romantic. Need tips and someone who can suggest an original approach? Weddingbliz likes to help, so you can focus on the most important question:
“Will you marry me” Read more …

Castle estate wedding

Six Weeks to Rescue

Your wedding day is approaching rapidly. Just like the organizational stress; that is about to overwhelm you. Arranging everything is becoming less and less fun. Don’t let that happen! Weddingbliz will immediately come to the rescue and will take over the complete organization right up to the wedding day.
Six Weeks to Rescue! Read more…

International weddings

Getting Married Abroad

Do you live abroad and want to get married in the Netherlands? Or vice versa? The paperwork, the distance, the different language, the cultural divides; a wedding in another country is complicated. At such a time nothing is more comforting than having a wedding planner who understands you and will organize your wedding exactly as you wish. Read more…

Expert wedding planning advice

Expertise Session

How do you organize a wedding that is original and romantic, that reflects your personal taste and is perfect in every detail, yet affordable? A session with a wedding planner points you in the right direction. Organize the wedding yourselves with professional tips, tricks and checklists from Weddingbliz. Read more…