June 2018 – The new Amstel Magazine has arrived; with an interview about Weddingbliz

The Amstel Hotel in Amsterdam has undergone an enormous renovation and is restored to its former glory. Their new magazine is full of beautiful stories and inspiring articles; among this also an interview with Liz from Weddingbliz!

Read the article here

Winner LTG – Wedding Specialist of the Year – Netherlands

In 2017, Weddingbliz was awarded the winner Wedding Specialist of the Year by Lifestyle magazine LTG ( Luxury Travel Guide )

You can read the article here 

September 2017 – Best Weddingplanner Amsterdam – Zankyou

Zankyou is an online wedding plan tool for planning weddings. Zankyou is included in the top 20 worldwide websites (by Feedmyapp.)
They have chosen Weddingbliz as one of the 7 best wedding planners in Amsterdam.

Read the article here [in Dutch]

June 2016 – Interview NH Spitstijd Radio RTVNH

Do we still see true love during weddings? Every Friday RTVNH talks about anything with love. This time the radio DJ’s decided to call a weddingplanner to find out about true love, so they called me and had some other very important questions as well.

Listen to the interview below. [in Dutch]

October 2015 – Wristbands and wedding rings

Interview given to the newspaper NRC, resulting in a great and fun article in the Saturday edition of October 31, 2015.
You can read the article here. [in Dutch]

August 2014 – Interview NH Spitstijd Radio RTVNH

Who do you and who don’t you invite at your wedding? RTVNH read a facebook post from a bride to be and called Weddingbliz to ask for tips from a wedding planner.

Listen here for the interview. [in Dutch]

August 2014 – Article The Star Online

In May 2014 Kassandra en Frank got married in Amsterdam; The famous Malaisian blogger Kee Hua Chee was one of the guests and wrote a blog about the wedding. You can read the article here