Event planner

The event office for a small party at your home or a grand celebration on location!

Do you want to have a great party, but you have no idea where to begin or where to find the time?
Organizing an event always takes more time than you thought it would take. Fortunately, there’s Weddingbliz: an experienced party planner who; with great creativity, attention and most of all fun, will help you plan and organize that smashing party. I have only one goal in mind, to give you an unforgettable day!

Something to celebrate? Hire an event planner

Whether it’s for a wedding event, party or anniversary. Weddingbliz makes every event a celebration. I provide help where needed, find solutions to your problems and help you realize your ideas. Have me handle the entire organization or just a part? Tell me what you want, I’m here to help!

Weddingbliz can be your organizer, contact person and hostess. As an experienced event planner I will find the best suppliers and present suitable locations.
During the party I make sure that you and your guests are pampered. For you there’s only one thing left to do; join the party!

Events organization

So you want to know more about Weddingbliz’ work as an event planner? Please contact me for more information.