Weddingbliz is an advocate of (international) love and also the best to hire against all types of wedding stress

Her work covers the entire portfolio of wedding planning and coordination. She is the invisible partner-in-crime for original marriage proposals, leading lady as a master of ceremonies and the unruffled Commander in Chief, who’s job it is to handle and organize all of the details of your wedding with the utmost professionalism.
She loves creating weddings with a personal twist and is always able to provide any additional cultural or religious aspect witch you may require, with ease. She has no business dealing with “how it should be” but prefers “how you want it”


WCovid-19 / Corona

And then suddenly there was that terrible virus; that rapidly spreading disease that has and continues to make an incredible number of victims. Even if you do not get sick yourself and everyone in your area remains healthy, you may still be affected by Corona because you may have to move your wedding or other super cool event.

Do you need help with moving or would you still like to let your wedding continue, but then according to the established RIVM rules, Liz from Weddingbliz can absolutely help you with that. Her creative way of thinking ensures that she can come up with surprising solutions to plan your great event.
Contact her as soon as possible to see what the options are.


Weddings by Liz contain her signature in the handwriting of the bridal couple

With a good sense of humor and an infectious laugh, she likes to deviate from the general walk to the altar. With her no-nonsense view of the world, Liz ensures tranquility, clarity, relaxation and an unforgettable bespoke wedding.